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Gregory Blackley
25.08.2017 17:05:29
If you are reading this and have not been to F56, I advise you to come visit. I am from Washington,DC but have live in Vienna since 2008...been single here since 2013. Never have I left this place dissatisfied...no place can offer you what F56 does....staff is awesome and empathetic. Cleanliness is to be at the top of the list..you do get what you pay for. Every place offers a few "special" people with their own agenda...and as a "man of color", it sometimes very obvious when the agenda does not include me...not a problem...the majority come to have fun...and we do get "clickish" and have fun..we branch out and have fun...and if you are new, we know it! Bottom line...F56 gives you variety and fun for the price you pay...come one come all to F56 and you just might find some c.. Gregory/DC
Volker L.
21.08.2017 10:00:45
Wien ist immer eine Reise wert, das F56 viele Reisen!!!
Gayle Location, umsichtiges Personal, ffreunlichste Aufnahme ?????
28.07.2017 16:37:57
besuche das f56 oft zum fistweekend...geile location, geile FFister...
lasse mich gerne in doggy punchen und halte auch wieder im august hin...bis dahin. FFreue mich schon...
Kaule Andreas
28.06.2017 09:43:58
Hi Boys, war eine super Abend mit dem richtigen Maß an An- und Entspannung. Die Lustreise von Freiburg nach Wien hat sich gelohnt!
Blackley Gregory
24.06.2017 20:58:46
Too often we write to complain...I am writing to say F56 has it "going on"....the staff is awesome and take pride in keeping the club clean and the atmosphere festive! Everywhere you go there will be issues but I, as a MAN OF COLOR from Washington,DC, value the fact that F56 staff takes good care of me....I truly have fun every visit...IF YOU HAVE NOT BEEN, YOU NEED TO DISCOVER WHAT I HAVE UNCOVERED!! THANKS GUYS FOR BEING THERE FOM ME!!!
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