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Gregory Blackley
15.09.2019 02:43:56
14Sep19.­..­.speechless!­!!­Out of 3 years...tonight I must say I got everything and more in two hours at my favorite F56....those who touched me and I touched them know....AWESOME NIGHT AND I KNEW TO LEAVE WHILE THE GETTING WAS GOOD...VOLKER hats off to the entire staff tonight...and thanks to all who shared in OUR good times.­..­.kisses.­..­..­gregory
Gregory Blackley
28.07.2019 18:11:53
28Jul19.­..­.SPEECHLESS.­..­since the ANNIVERSARY, my expectations have been met in many ways...F56 has its challenges with guests from all over the world....it's not JUST a fisting bar...the STAFF, USUAL LOCAL GUESTS and Guests make it a great place to visit...it certainly is QUALITY over QUANTITY!!!All things BEING equal, as a gay AFRICAN AMERICAN in 2019 challenges still exist....even here....THANK U TO ALL OF THE FREE SPIRIT GUYS at F56....and to Volker and Silvester.... AWESOME!!!!
Prinz Valium
01.05.2019 19:39:51
Wow ! Tolle Location ! Toller Stuff und zum allen Überfluss kann man für wenig Geld die ganze Nacht Spaß haben !
Einfach nur toll ! Weiter so Jungs !
Markus Markus
01.05.2019 19:21:18
Netter geiler Club mit hübschen jungs;)
komme immer gerne wieder;) ist weiterzuempfehlen
Gregory Blackley
29.04.2019 22:33:24
On this the 3rd Anniversary of F56, I am taking the opportunity to say thank you to the entire staff working for F56. The celebrations actually started 28April19 as a few of us closed the bar with explosive celebrations....the clock struck midnight and several of us just could not say good night...this was and is indicative of how you are treated at F56. As we move into another year of operation at F56, I cannot let the time come and go without saying thank you. Customer service around the world have become a great challenge...many want top service and give nothing in return....these guys here don't hesitate to give above and beyond. Being gay, Black and of a certain age and from the United States...is or has been a major challenge lately....never the less F56 gives me the playground to have a fantastic time each visit regardless of what I may encounter.....28April19 at F56 will forever be cherished because of what happened....thank you F56 for 3 GREAT YEARS....HAPPY ANNIVERSARY....
Gregory Blackley
25.03.2019 17:17:04
WOW....the last two weeks F56 has been a rewarding experience for many reasons. Life here in Vienna the last year has been challenging...2019 has had it share of moments, however, I have had moments at F56 which I will cherish deeply...the latest being 24Mar.19..coupled with 16Mar19...the time spent both of these nights have left me with life memories....Thank you F56 was allowing us to share quality time at a place that is soooo warm and full of love.....Gregory
Andi Z.
06.03.2019 18:59:34
Hallo! Euer Club ist der Wahnsinn! Da ich letztes Wochenende das 1. Mal bei euch war, muss ich feststellen, ich komme wieder! Super Action mit tollen Typen und das überall im Club ... so etwas findet man nicht so oft. Und der Service und die Crew sind auch super, ein Club in dem man sich auch noch gut unterhalten kann .. und das in Wien. Bin immer noch mega begeistert! Ihr seit eine Bereicherung für Wien!
Gregory Blackley
01.03.2019 20:31:05
Giving credit where credit is due....being Black, American and gay can be a challenge any place...Vienna could complicate this even more...F56 has a tendency for me to avoid some of the craziness..the staff continues to make a difference...previous post indicate this and each of my last Thursday visits confirmed how hot this place can be...coming here with an open mind and the desire to have fun makes a difference...there are clicks ….racism and more, however, thanks to many who come here, in most cases, fun is had by all....last visits HOT...THANKS TO MY FAVS....!!!!
Gregory Blackley
08.02.2019 18:04:12
7Feb19...I am a loyal customer of F56 and will continue to be because of the staff and of course the FUN that I can and have had here...never in all of the days of the club being in existence have I been disappointed....AWESOME STAFF and the possibilities to have fun....last night, 7Feb19...no match for anything in recent HISTORY.­..­.HEHEHEHE.­..­kisses to all....R and G especially!!!
24.01.2019 10:33:35
Einfach geile Location,
hatte fast immer geilen Sex,
einfach Ausprobieren !!
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