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19.11.2018 10:13:39
Mein erster Besuch in einem Club dieser Art. Ich bin immer noch sprachlos, es war einfach das geilste Wochenende das ich bis jetzt erlebt habe. Ich komme sicher wieder.
Gregory Blackley
13.10.2018 02:12:23
What a place..F56, now in its 2nd year...has offered me opportunities to continue experiencing Vienna's hot boys in a way I like...some are challenging and coming from the States, this place exceeds all there and many places around the world. I never leave unsatisfied...always know the staff has my back...there are still days here where, as a Black American living in Vienna for 11 years, I have wonder about a few...nevertheless...to the entire crew at F56...I appreciate each and every one of you...hugs and kisses...Gregory
Volker Lukas
21.08.2018 15:14:40
Was für ein Wochenende, ich spüre den Eingrifffen immer noch nach.
Eine Reise nach Wien lohnt sich ja immer, aber das Fist-WE setzt dem Ganzen die Krone auf :-)))
22.05.2018 15:57:46
Oh my goodness, ich bin noch immer sprachlos...!
Es war das geilste Wochenende seit sehr langer Zeit! Ich komme sicher wieder! Es war sowohl im und vor dem Sling geil, als auch das Tratschen mit euch Jungs hinter der Theke..., einsame Spitzenklasse!!!
Othmar Traninger
28.03.2018 00:40:55
I'm from Switzerland, but often in Vienna. This club is just great, for fetishlovers and fans of naked parties. Many slings, great facilities, friendly, uncomplicated stuff.... I just love the F56, will always go there, when I'm in town!
Roland W.-Loers
06.12.2017 13:03:53
Morgen ist es endlich wieder so weit! Der Flieger geht um 15:05h.
"Dat Köfferschen wird jerade jepackt!", und pünktlich um 22:00h werde ich, 3 Nächte in Folge, bei Euch wieder zu Gast sein. Freudeeeeee - Der Roli
Manfred S.
01.12.2017 13:31:08
Wow! Hätte nie gedacht, dass das so ein geiler Laden ist. Absolut nette und geile Leute, hatte fast die ganze Nacht mehr als guten Sex! Super das es so was in Wien gibt ... und alles so unkompliziert, keine Zicken, sonders Kerle, die einfach guten Sex wollen. Wahnsinn!
Pierre Maurant
01.12.2017 13:09:37
Dear F56-Crew, this is Pierre writing from Bordeaux, I visited your Fistweekend! After travelling around all over Europe and visited many other fistevents in various cities I have to say that your party is definetly one of the best in Europe: Great location, many places to play, great and very nice guests ... and the mostly friendly stuff of all clubs I know! I will come back soon! Thx!!! Pierre
08.11.2017 18:15:15
Love this really cool - and at the same time - hot place !!
If you are into Fisting and/or Fetish this is a must club to visit in Vienna. The best place for FF by far.
An appealing, well kept location, plenty of space and equipment to play, good sanitary facilities and a very friendly, helpful crew.
An absolute recommendation !

Geht hin, Männer - es ist eine geile location mit ebensolchen Besuchern ! FFun ist garantiert !
Alex S
04.11.2017 15:23:08
Hallo Leute,
es war wie immer Mega-geil!!
Alex l
01.11.2017 11:17:28
Perfect club to go, clean, nice staff, nice guests, bar when ch offers various drinks for very reasonable prices and a lot of hot fun. Loving it. Hugz to all crew. Alex
Gregory Blackley
28.10.2017 12:20:43
As the month of October comes to a close, I am pausing to give due praise to my F56 staff for the assistance in celebrating my birthday! If you have never visited F56, as an African American living in Vienna now for almost 10 years...but because of work, speak little English...this place is the "bomb"...never, even with a few issues, have I left unsatisfied! Last night, 27Oct17, my "BELL" was rung by a person I have longed to be with but hesitant to approach...that is now history...THANK YOU F56 for providing an environment where magical things do happen...hugs and kisses to all...GREGORY
FFler JO
03.10.2017 12:13:04
Hey was für ein geiles Lokal einfach nur TOP,geile Location,sehr freundliches Personal,immer hilfsbereit wenn man was braucht,gratis Handschuhe.Leute kommt auch hin,ich hatte sehr viel Spaß das Wochenende als ich in Wien war,komme sehr gerne wieder zu Euch.
Weiter so.
Kisses JO
Roland W.-L.
22.09.2017 09:58:12
Leider kann ich im November zum Fist-Weekend nicht kommen. Und schwupp habe ich mir vom 07.12. bis 10.12. einen Flieger gebucht und werde zum Punsch-Punch, Fetisch und Sports kommen.
Suuuuuper - Der Roli - Yippppie
aleks l
06.09.2017 12:45:28
f56 is really worth to visit. Top location, clean, amazing public and most important the amazing staff. Come in and find out, have a great time and feel like with family.
Gregory Blackley
25.08.2017 17:05:29
If you are reading this and have not been to F56, I advise you to come visit. I am from Washington,DC but have live in Vienna since 2008...been single here since 2013. Never have I left this place dissatisfied...no place can offer you what F56 does....staff is awesome and empathetic. Cleanliness is to be at the top of the list..you do get what you pay for. Every place offers a few "special" people with their own agenda...and as a "man of color", it sometimes very obvious when the agenda does not include me...not a problem...the majority come to have fun...and we do get "clickish" and have fun..we branch out and have fun...and if you are new, we know it! Bottom line...F56 gives you variety and fun for the price you pay...come one come all to F56 and you just might find some c.. Gregory/DC
Volker L.
21.08.2017 10:00:45
Wien ist immer eine Reise wert, das F56 viele Reisen!!!
Gayle Location, umsichtiges Personal, ffreunlichste Aufnahme ?????
28.07.2017 16:37:57
besuche das f56 oft zum fistweekend...geile location, geile FFister...
lasse mich gerne in doggy punchen und halte auch wieder im august hin...bis dahin. FFreue mich schon...
Kaule Andreas
28.06.2017 09:43:58
Hi Boys, war eine super Abend mit dem richtigen Maß an An- und Entspannung. Die Lustreise von Freiburg nach Wien hat sich gelohnt!
Blackley Gregory
24.06.2017 20:58:46
Too often we write to complain...I am writing to say F56 has it "going on"....the staff is awesome and take pride in keeping the club clean and the atmosphere festive! Everywhere you go there will be issues but I, as a MAN OF COLOR from Washington,DC, value the fact that F56 staff takes good care of me....I truly have fun every visit...IF YOU HAVE NOT BEEN, YOU NEED TO DISCOVER WHAT I HAVE UNCOVERED!! THANKS GUYS FOR BEING THERE FOM ME!!!
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